Biden Official Faces Scrutiny for CCP Invite – GOP Demands Answers

US - China Combined Flag | United States, China Relations Concept 3D Illustration

( – President Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, is facing scrutiny from Republicans after inviting foreign officials to tour a United States nuclear facility in Nevada. According to a group of Republicans from the House of Representatives, Granholm invited officials from Russia and China and offered them unrestricted access to a sensitive United States facility. According to the Republicans criticizing Granholm, the invitation stemmed from a desire to show Chinese and Russian administrators that the United States isn’t currently testing nuclear weapons following a treaty from the 1990s.

House Republicans are calling the invitation a “mistake” and are requesting President Biden revoke the invitation to protect national secrets. The invitation originated from the National Nuclear Security Administration, and it’s unclear if any representatives of Russia or China will accept the offer to visit the nuclear testing area.

The invitation comes just days after a Russian official criticized Israel for a comment made by an Israeli official regarding a potential nuclear strike against Gaza. According to Israeli Heritage Minister Amihay Eliyahu, the possibility of using atomic weapons against Gaza is a possible method of ending the conflict. Eliyahu is currently suspended from cabinet meetings with other high-ranking Israeli officials and is the only official to consider the use of nuclear weapons publicly. A spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry responded to the comments by claiming the comments indicate Israel possesses nuclear weapons, although Israel hasn’t confirmed if it has a nuclear arsenal.

Despite certain organizations, such as the Federation of American Scientists, believing Israel owns atomic armaments, Israel isn’t a member of any international nuclear organizations, raising concerns from nations like Iran and Russia.

Countries across the globe are increasingly concerned about the use of nuclear weaponry, including the United States. According to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Russia may provide nuclear weapons to North Korea in exchange for military assistance in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. In particular, Russia may seek ammunition and heavy equipment like tanks. Blinken claims the potential exchange is a concern for the United States and other allies of Ukraine and that Western nations are actively working to prevent any such transaction between North Korea and Russia.

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