Biden Promises To Intervene in Taiwan With Military

Biden Promises To Intervene in Taiwan With Military

Biden Promises Military Intervention – Comes Out and Says It

( – With all eyes on the Ukraine/Russia war, it’s easy to forget other conflicts are going on in the world. One of these is the ever-increasing tension between China and Taiwan. China insists on pulling the island nation under its dominion under its “One China” policy. For the most part, the United States has stayed out of the ongoing battle, but former President Donald Trump largely supported the island’s sovereignty and deepened US ties with the tiny island nation. Uncharacteristically, President Joe Biden has continued these policies rather than undo Trump’s work. Now, Biden may be prepared to go even further in a total policy shift.

Biden Says the US Would Support Taiwan Militarily

On Monday, May 23, while speaking at a Tokyo news conference, Biden said the US would intervene militarily on Taiwan’s behalf should China decide to invade. In the wake of the Ukraine invasion, he said the US’ responsibility towards the island nation is “even stronger” than in past years. He compared the two, saying should China use force, “it would [destabilize] the entire region” and end up resembling “what happened in Ukraine.” Chinese officials were displeased, speaking out against Biden’s words. According to them, the dispute with Taiwan is absolutely an “internal affair.”

Would This Be a Shift in Policy?

Biden’s statements no doubt shocked some people because he took a definitive stance on the matter, the first in decades. The US abandoned the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty in 1980 after signing and ratifying the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979. The newer agreement doesn’t require the US to step in militarily but promises America will aid the island in ensuring it has what it needs to defend itself.

The US has fostered this agreement by providing military training and resources and generally keeping an eye on the escalating actions in the region.

White House Walks Back Statements

As it has many times since Biden took office, the administration quickly walked back the president’s statements. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Biden’s words don’t reflect a shift in policy. Instead, he insists Biden simply meant the US would follow the policy outlined in the Taiwan Relations Act. This incident marks the third time the White House has taken such action regarding Biden’s statements on Taiwan.

What do you think about Biden’s statements on Taiwan? Should the US get involved militarily if China steps up its actions?

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