Biden Ridiculed for Low Supporter Turnout in Democratic City

( – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are engaged in their campaigns for the 2024 presidential election and have appeared in various cities and states throughout the country. Biden recently visited Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended a campaign fundraiser and gave a commencement speech at Morehouse College. Despite Atlanta heavily skewing Democrat over the past few years, Biden’s motorcade traveled through the city with little to no fanfare, prompting online audiences to ridicule the president for his low supporter turnout.

Biden’s critics on social media websites like X, formerly Twitter, shared videos of the president’s motorcade traveling down empty Atlanta streets. Among the accounts highlighting Biden’s lack of support within Atlanta is RNC Research, which shared videos of the comically low turnout of supporters and criticized Biden for failing to speak to the media while walking around. According to RNC Research, Biden seemed confused as he moved around the city and ignored reporters’ questions as he got into his vehicle.

Despite the low turnout of supporters for Biden, the president cited Georgia as one of the reasons he managed to win the 2020 presidential election against Trump. Biden claims that Georgia’s decision to vote for the Democratic Party in the 2020 election gave him the edge he needed to defeat Trump and that without Georgia, he could’ve lost the highly controversial election. Biden finished his appearance at the fundraiser event by claiming he only became president due to Georgia’s support.

While Biden claims that many Georgia voters support him, viral videos of his motorcade indicate otherwise. In the videos, Biden’s motorcade can be seen traveling throughout Atlanta without anyone standing nearby to take pictures or cheer for the president. According to one X user, nobody cared that Biden appeared in Atlanta. Another X user shared the videos of Biden’s motorcade driving down empty streets and joked that Biden’s supporters had gathered to cheer for the president.

Online critics aren’t just mocking Biden for the low supporter turnout within Atlanta, as other social media users have cited Biden’s recent commencement speech at Morehouse College as a political move. Morehouse College has a long history of having a predominantly black student body, causing some to cite Biden’s appearance at the university as an attempt to gain votes from younger black voters. Some students have protested Biden’s appearance at the university, calling the president’s speech “disingenuous” and stating they did not support Biden.

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