Biden Says Climate Issues are Worse Than Nuclear War

( – According to a statement from President Biden, climate change issues are a more significant threat to the United States than a nuclear war with another superpower, such as North Korea or China. During a press appearance in Hanoi, Vietnam, Biden claimed an atomic conflict isn’t as alarming as climate change.

Biden went on to state that climate change is the only existential threat that humanity currently faces, neglecting the international tensions that are rising across the globe. Biden’s claims echo a popular Democratic Party sentiment that identifies climate change as the biggest threat facing the United States. Biden’s press conference was cut short shortly after he made the controversial statements when members of his staff rushed him off stage mid-sentence. The aging president began to stutter and lose his train of thought shortly after discussing the dangers of climate change, a common occurrence in President Biden’s public speeches.

Biden regularly campaigns on the dangers of climate change and is one of the most vocal climate advocates currently serving public office in the United States. Biden also criticizes what he calls climate change deniers, going so far as to call them “lying dog-faced pony soldiers.”

Biden’s claims seem to be supported by the American public, many of whom believe climate change might become a significant issue in the future. Despite this support, Biden’s push for electric vehicles draws heavy criticism from both sides of the aisle, as it would drastically increase costs for American consumers. While Biden’s claims are hardly surprising given his past statements regarding climate change, they do indicate a sterner focus on climate-related policies moving forward. Biden’s presidential campaign will likely focus on carbon emission-related policies as well, as it’s been an area of success for his administration.

While Biden claims climate change is the most significant threat that humanity currently faces, many voters feel differently. China remains a crucial concern for American citizens and officials, as it constantly instigates border disputes with nations like Taiwan, India, and Russia. Despite the high possibility of international conflict with China, Biden seems content to claim climate change as the scarier threat for the United States.

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