Biden Says Palestinians Deserve State of Their Own – Supports Two-State Solution

( – President Biden spoke about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and claimed that the conflict requires a “two-state solution.” According to Biden, an ideal end to the conflict would prevent Hamas from remaining in the region and would provide Palestinians with a state of their own. Biden claims the Palestinian people deserve a “future free from Hamas.”

Biden also said the United States supports Israel in its conflict against Hamas, but he called for an end to the conflict while discussing Israel’s response to Hamas’ attack. According to Biden, the goal of the United States is to end the conflict and expel Hamas from the region. Upon Hamas’ expulsion, the United States will support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Biden claims the two-state solution requires cooperation from both sides and allies like the United States. Biden also called for the work towards peace to begin immediately, claiming the violence in the region can’t continue. According to Biden, a peaceful solution requires the reunification of Gaza and the West Bank and no displacement of Palestinians by Israel.

Despite Biden’s support for a peaceful resolution, he rejected the possibility of supporting a cease-fire, claiming Hamas cannot be allowed to remain in the region. Biden claims that Hamas must be removed from power, or future attacks and conflicts are still possible. Biden also said that Hamas remaining in power prevents a better future for Palestinians. Although Biden is an outspoken supporter of Israel, other Democrats and protesters are calling for a cease-fire.

A group of protestors shut down a California Democratic Party convention while referring to Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza and insulting President Biden. The protestors claimed Biden supported genocide due to his support of Israel and called for a “free Palestine.” California lawmakers evacuated the convention following the protest and canceled future California Democratic Party events.

The California protest isn’t the only demonstration from Palestine supporters, as a similar protest occurred in Washington, D.C. The Washington protest resulted in Palestinian support for fighting law enforcement and forced a similar evacuation.

Despite the calls for a cease-fire, Biden remains adamant that the Israel-Hamas war will continue until Hamas’ removal from Gaza. According to Biden, the war won’t end until Hamas loses the capacity for violence against Israeli civilians.

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