Biden Shows Decline in Private Meetings with Congress

( – With the 2024 presidential election looming over American citizens, a common issue concerning voters is President Joe Biden’s age and mental facilities, which many believe have declined throughout his first term as the chief executive.

Members of Congress have joined voters in identifying Biden’s age and mental health as a concern, as the president has exhibited signs of cognitive decline during various meetings with congressional members. Biden is 81 years old, making him the oldest person in United States history to hold the president’s office, a factor many voters claim they’ll consider when voting in the upcoming election.

Republican lawmakers have been the most vocal about Biden’s cognitive decline, citing numerous meetings with the former president that left them concerned. Some Democrats have also addressed Biden’s mental capabilities, creating tension between the White House and Congressional Democrats. According to lawmakers, Biden often mumbles during meetings, forcing attendees to ask him to repeat himself. The president also brings notes about “obvious” points into meetings and will frequently close his eyes for extended periods of time when other lawmakers speak.

Another issue for lawmakers is Biden’s memory, which seems to decline further with each subsequent meeting. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) recently recalled a meeting with the former president, where Biden told Johnson about a study into renewable energy. According to Johnson, the study Biden referred to wasn’t a study but a new anti-big-energy policy instituted by the Biden administration. Johnson said that Biden didn’t seem to remember supporting the policy, indicating the president forgot about a law he supported and signed into effect.

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has also addressed Biden’s mental decline in interviews and said that Biden seemed like a different person from one meeting to the next. McCarthy referred to his discussions with Biden about the national debt ceiling, where Biden negotiated with House Republicans about raising the debt ceiling. According to McCarthy, Biden would sometimes seem lucid and capable of discussing policy without notes or guidance, but at other times, Biden would seem confused or reliant on prepared notes.

Despite lawmakers from both political parties talking about Biden’s mental decline, the White House remains adamant that Biden isn’t mentally incompetent and can retain his position as the president. The Biden administration released a statement claiming that lawmakers want to discredit Biden before the 2024 presidential election and that any claims of mental decline or ineptitude lack validity.

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