Biden Spokesman Says One Term Isn’t Enough To Fix Economic Troubles

( – According to President Joe Biden’s campaign communications director, Michael Tyler, the Biden Administration requires at least four more years to fix the United States’ economic problems. Tyler claims that “MAGA extremism” is to blame for the economic downturn in the United States and blames Republicans for hindering President Biden’s economic recovery plan.

Tyler compared Republicans to a “brick wall” and said that the Biden Administration isn’t to blame for the ongoing issues plaguing the United States economy. Tyler’s comments come just days after the Labor Department released employment information indicating that over eight million Americans currently work two jobs or more. When addressing the labor statistics, Tyler claimed that Donald Trump instituted failed economic policies that Biden seeks to repeal.

According to Tyler, President Biden’s 2024 presidential platform focuses on the economic hardships in the country, and Biden will fix the ailing United States economy during his second term in office. Despite Tyler’s statements, many Americans believe Biden can’t pass meaningful economic reform, which is causing the president to lose support among his key demographics.

President Biden claims his economic policies are helping millions of Americans by citing a record-low unemployment rate and an increase in average wages. Despite Biden’s apparent success, many Americans must work multiple jobs to afford their daily necessities. The primary cause of voters’ disapproval of Biden’s handling of the economy is inflation, which is at a record high, causing the cost of everything from food to gas to construction materials to skyrocket.

According to the White House, the increasing inflation resulted from the international pandemic and is currently decreasing to pre-pandemic levels. President Biden’s team also said wages are rising at a higher rate than product prices, indicating a decrease in inflation. Although the White House claims the economy is improving, American voters aren’t convinced.

A poll from Bloomberg/Morning Consult, centered on seven battleground states, indicated that most voters favor Donald Trump’s economic policy over President Biden’s. According to the poll, only 35 percent of voters believe Biden’s policies aid the economy. Fifty-one percent of voters claimed they were more satisfied with Donald Trump’s leadership and the former president’s renowned economic policy.

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