Biden Swamps Immigration Courts with 3.5M Cases

( – Immigration courts are currently swamped with an unprecedented number of cases under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

More than three and a half million deportation hearings have been scheduled in response to the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants into the United States, raising concerns about federal immigration courts’ capability to accommodate the surge of immigrants. According to data from the Transactional Records Clearinghouse, there are currently 3,524,051 cases active in immigration courts, with more than one million cases reaching immigration courts since 2023.

The surge of immigration cases has left immigration court judges swamped with a nearly impossible backlog of 4,500 cases per judge. Since the start of 2024, more than half a million cases reached immigration courts, a sharp increase compared to 2022 and 2023’s opening months. Since President Biden first took office in 2021, the number of cases in immigration courts has more than doubled. Despite the drastic increase in immigration cases, President Biden insists that the surge of illegal immigration into the United States is not indicative of a crisis and that the White House will handle the backlogged cases through new immigration reform.

Although illegal immigration has drastically increased under the Biden administration, immigration courts have faced a backlog of deportation hearings since the Obama administration secured a second term in the 2012 presidential election. Under the Obama administration’s last term, the number of backlogged cases almost doubled from 250,000 to approximately 500,000. The trend continued during former President Donald Trump’s time in office, which saw backlogged immigration courts reach more than one million active deportation cases. President Biden’s first term has seen the most drastic increase in backlogged immigration cases, with more than two million cases reaching immigration courts since 2021.

According to Andrew Arthur, who works with the Center for Immigration Studies, a leading cause of the backlogged cases is the lack of intervention of United States lawmakers. Arthur expressly referred to President Biden, whom he claims has allowed illegal immigrants to avoid deportation hearings for years, further contributing to the unprecedented amount of backlogged cases. Despite President Biden’s attempt at preventing deportation, data from immigration courts shows that the majority of immigrants who attend deportation hearings end up having to leave the United States.

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