Biden Team Allegedly Met Prosecutors Before Trump’s Triple Indictment

( – According to a new report, three different prosecuting attorneys responsible for former President Donald Trump’s various legal battles met with White House aides before bringing charges against the former president. The multiple meetings suggest a concealed effort to actively interfere with Trump’s presidential campaign and obfuscate controversies surrounding President Joe Biden, an allegation frequently made by the former president when he discusses his various legal cases. Trump alleges the prosecutors overseeing his legal battles are active supporters of President Joe Biden and cited the seemingly coordinated indictments as election interference.

The prosecutors who allegedly met with members of the Biden White House are Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, and Fani Willis. Bragg oversees the infamous “Stormy Daniels” case against Donald Trump in New York. According to reports, Bragg released the first indictment related to the Stormy Daniels case on the same day a former Biden White House employee testified before authorities about President Biden mishandling sensitive documents. Bragg also hired Matthew Colangelo, who worked in the Justice Department for years and often targeted Trump for various reasons.

Jack Smith, the prosecutor overseeing Trump’s classified documents case in Florida, filed an indictment against Trump on the same day that an FBI document alleged that President Biden could’ve taken part in a foreign bribery scheme. Smith then filed an additional superseding indictment against Trump one day after a highly controversial plea deal for Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, failed to finalize. According to the report, Smith met with Biden’s legal counsel less than ten weeks before indicting Trump for mishandling classified documents.

Fani Willis, the prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia election interference case, also reportedly met with members of the Biden administration before filing criminal charges against the former president. Willis filed the Georgia indictment in August of 2023 but reportedly met with Biden’s lawyers in May and November of 2022. Willis allegedly met with Biden’s team over a year before indicting Trump, raising concerns about a concentrated effort to limit Trump’s chances for re-election.

Despite the alleged coordination between the White House and the various prosecutors overseeing Trump’s criminal cases, the former president remains the most popular Republican candidate running in the 2024 presidential election. Trump cites the criminal cases against him as election interference by Democratic Party members, a claim seemingly reinforced by the report indicating secret meetings between Biden and prosecutors.

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