Biden Unclear on Completing Full Term if Reelected

( – President Joe Biden has been relentlessly campaigning for the upcoming 2024 presidential election amid renewed doubt that he could fully serve a second term as the chief executive.

During a recent appearance in Pennsylvania, a reporter asked Biden if he’d serve another full term as president or if he planned on resigning his position and allowing Vice President Kamala Harris to assume the presidency. Instead of answering the question, Biden quickly snapped at the reporter and asked if the reporter had suffered a head injury before the event.

The reporter’s question about Biden’s plan to serve another term is the latest instance of Biden facing doubts about his age and health. Many political experts, including members of the Democratic Party, have expressed doubts about Biden’s ability to maintain office for another four years. When discussing a second Biden term, many elected officials and political adversaries have highlighted Biden’s various gaffes and questionable comments as evidence of his declining mental capabilities. Former President Donald Trump is the most vocal critic of Biden’s health and regularly claims that if Biden wins the 2024 presidential election, he’d step down and give the presidency to Kamala Harris.

While Biden remains fairly popular amongst Democratic voters, Harris maintains an abysmal 38% approval rating amongst Biden’s key demographics. Among the most common criticisms of Harris are frequent claims that she seems disingenuous and doesn’t have the same level of experience as Biden or any other comparable candidates. Political experts also cite Harris’s frequent discussions about her race and gender as another issue for some voters, as some Americans feel as though Harris is more concerned about identity politics than enacting meaningful legislation.

Despite the criticism, Biden supports Harris and appears alongside her regularly when talking about how she’s been a competent vice president during his first term in office. Biden has also addressed rumors about him stepping down in the past, claiming he didn’t plan to leave the presidency until he felt satisfied with what he accomplished as the chief executive. Biden’s refusal to commit to a full second term comes as the president’s popularity has declined, with the majority of independent voters expressing their plan to support Trump in the upcoming election.

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