Biden Unleashes Harsh Critique on Putin, Trump, and MAGA at Event

( – President Joe Biden unleashed a tirade against former president Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a recent campaign rally in San Francisco.

In the middle of talking about climate change issues, which the president called an “existential threat to humanity,” Biden called Putin a “crazy SOB” who worried the world with his and his allies’ constant veiled threats of starting a nuclear war.

Biden also took issue with recent comments from Trump, who compared himself to recently deceased Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Trump has claimed that he has been persecuted by the Biden administration in the same way Navalny was falsely maligned and accused by the Putin administration. Trump’s comments come on the heels of a recent ruling on his New York civil fraud case mandating a $354.8 million fine on top of another roughly $100 million in pre-judgment interest. Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, has threatened to seize Trump’s assets if he fails to cough up the fine.

The ruling also bars him and his sons – Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump – from holding leadership positions in any of their New York businesses for a period of three years.

On their end, the Russian government has called Biden’s remarks on Putin “churlish,” with Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, saying that Biden’s comments have no impact on Putin whatsoever. Peskov noted that Biden was bringing “huge shame” to the U.S. due to his remarks, saying that the president’s behavior was reminiscent of the “Hollywood cowboy style” and only served to advance the U.S.’ “internal political interests.”

Biden’s campaign push in San Francisco was also met with resistance closer to home, as hundreds of woke activists calling for a ceasefire in Gaza crashed a fundraising event for the president. The protest action, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement as well as the Party for Socialism and Liberation, called on the government to stop aid to Israel, condemning a plan by the Israel Defense Forces to launch another massive ground offensive in Gaza. Another group held a protest at the hotel the president was staying in, accusing Biden of being a party to genocide.

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