Biden Urges Assault Weapons Ban After Mass Shooting In Maine

( – A day after a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on October 25, President Biden invoked Congress and told them to enact more control measures and bans on guns.

The gunman in Lewiston went to at least two different locations: the Schemengees Bar and Grille and the Just in Time Bowling Alley. He killed 18 people and left 13 wounded.

The suspect’s name was Robert Card. Police discovered his body at a recycling facility where Card had been employed; he took his own life after the mass killing. He enlisted in the army in 2022 and was a petroleum supply specialist. The card was never deployed for combat. He has admitted to having mental health problems. Card sought help after he heard voices. He said they were telling him to go to Saco, Maine, and to “shoot up” the National Guard Base located there. The 40-year-old is still evading capture.

The White House released a statement on Thursday relating to the fact that the President told Republican officials they have an obligation to defend all United States citizens from gun violence. Biden wants Congress to legislate new laws placing bans on high-capacity firearms and extended magazines. He said the shooting was “senseless and tragic.” Joe Biden hopes to stop or at least reduce the number of potential gun crimes committed in the future.

Biden said he wants the legislative branch to pass bills on universal background checks and safe gun storage. He also wants companies that produce guns to not be legally liable for violent outcomes from the use of their products. Biden says lawmakers owe this to all American citizens who were harmed with either physical or mental wounds after the recent gunman’s attack.

Today, Maine does not require gun owners to have a permit to carry their guns. Advocates for gun control have attempted to impose background checks on gun purchases, and they have tried to place prohibitions on bump stocks. Both of these attempts have come to no avail.

The President said America is mourning all the people who senselessly lost their lives, those still recovering, and all families and communities involved in the incident. Biden says he and his wife are also praying for everyone.

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