Biden Warns Iran After Admin Denies Involvement In Hamas Attack

World War 3 illustration concept with ballistic missle in USA & Iran flags background

( – President Joe Biden warned Iran to “be careful” following Iran’s denial of involvement in the developing conflict between Israel and Hamas. So far, over 1,200 Israelis have died in the conflict.

Following Hamas’s surprise invasion of Israel, world leaders began speculating that Iran aided the extremist group through financing or training. Iran quickly denied the allegations of aiding Hamas but celebrated the attack on Israel and supported Hamas’s brutal invasion. Iran’s involvement in the attack remains questionable, but intelligence officials from various nations worldwide are investigating the attack to determine if Iran aided the militants.

So far, evidence of Iran’s involvement hasn’t been found, but many world leaders are still unconvinced. Many believe Iran is involved primarily due to the recent Iran deal between Tehran and the United States, which unfroze billions of dollars in Iran’s assets and released numerous Iranian prisoners to the Middle Eastern country. Biden’s warning indicates that the chief executive believes Iran might be involved in the ongoing invasion or join Hamas in the coming weeks. Still, Iran maintains its innocence in aiding Hamas’ attack.

While many claim the unfrozen assets provided to Iran helped finance the attack on Israel, Senator Cory Booker claims Tehran isn’t utilizing the money and remains inaccessible. Booker serves on the Foreign Relations Committee and has insight into the developing Iran deal. Sources within Booker’s committee and other departments in the government corroborate Booker’s statements, and all indicate that Iran will not collect the unfrozen assets in the near future. Despite Booker’s assurances, Iran remains a top financial contributor to Hamas, providing the militant group millions a year.

Some United States intelligence indicates that Iran wasn’t aware of the attack on Israel before it occurred and was surprised, like the rest of the world. Although these intelligence reports indicate Iran had no involvement with the invasion of Israel, members of Biden’s administration seem unsure about Iran’s guilt in the tragic invasion. The conflict between Iran and Hamas is still developing and appears unlikely to end in the coming weeks.

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