Biden Warns UN of Artificial Intelligence Governance

( – President Joe Biden warned members of the United Nations about the potential threat of artificial intelligence, claiming that AI has enormous potential if used correctly but devastating effects if misused. Biden claims that the U.N. General Assembly needs to ensure it governs AI rather than having AI govern it.

Biden’s statements echo a common sentiment among political officials worldwide, who believe the emerging technology of AI can become a significant threat to national security if left unchecked. Biden also stated in his address that the United States is committed to enacting policies to regulate AI before allowing the general public to utilize it. Biden’s comments regarding AI come just days after the first Senate forum over the emerging technology of artificial intelligence, causing speculation that Congress will soon pass regulations to oversee AI development moving forward. Some worry that government involvement in AI will result in more harm than good, as some governments are likely to manipulate AI for nefarious purposes.

Elon Musk attended the forum held by the Senate regarding AI and said that the industry of artificial intelligence needs a “referee,” but Congress isn’t capable of filling that role yet. Musk seemingly believes that members of Congress need more knowledge and in-depth experience to understand AI and its potential applications properly. AI is a constantly developing technology industry, meaning that a regulatory body will need a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments regarding AI, a monumental task that the government will likely be unable to handle for some time.

The desire to regulate AI partially stems from people’s fears regarding the dangerous effects of an AI going rogue or being used by a malevolent foreign entity. Musk discussed this apprehension following the Senate forum, claiming there was “some chance above zero” that AI would cause worldwide calamity for humankind. Despite the growing fears regarding AI and the potential harm it may cause, many tech companies are increasing their focus on AI programs and intend to implement them on other devices in the coming years. Musk claims he expects a regulatory agency for AI to be established soon, a likely outcome based on President Biden’s remarks at the U.N.

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