Biden’s Approval Ratings Just COLLAPSED Once Again!

( – President Joe Biden, who recently has had some trouble getting his legislative agenda passed through Congress, just received some of his worst job approval ratings yet

According to a new survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, only 38% of American voters approve of Biden’s job performance. This is a marked decline from just weeks ago where the president’s numbers were hovering around the mid-40s. 

In fact, in February, Biden was nearing a 50% approval rating. An NPR/PBS/Marist poll released in mid-February had him at an impressive 49%. 

Now, though, he is just 2 percentage points shy of the lowest job approval number of his presidency. In July of 2022, Biden, who was presiding over a country being ravaged by inflation and record high gas prices, polled at a pathetic 36%

Political pundits have speculated that Biden’s poor approval numbers could be chalked up to a variety of factors: economic woes, recent bank failures, and a still uncertain congressional battle over the debt ceiling. 

Joe Concha, a frequent guest on Fox News and writer for The Hill, wrote in a tweet on Thursday: “Biden down seven points from last month. Could you imagine what this number would look like if his allies in media actually covered the China-bank records bombshell?”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), one of Biden’s most vocal critics in Congress, also tweeted on Thursday that Biden has failed on the “banking crisis, border crisis, inflation crisis, Ukraine crisis” and other important issues facing Americans. “Is he really running for President again??”, she wrote. 

Biden, who for months has been faced with a U.S. economy still reeling from inflation, will have to turn these numbers around if he wants to paint himself as a viable candidate in 2024.  

The latest Emerson general election poll has former President Donald Trump beating Biden by 4 points. 

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