“Bidenomics” TRICKERY – Recovery Claims Spark Doubt!

(DailyVantage.com) – According to President Joe Biden, his economic policy known as “Bidenomics” is working, and the American economy is recovering. Biden claims that multiple factors tie into his program’s success, including the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act, which Biden claims laid the foundation for the economy to improve.

Despite his claims, many Americans aren’t confident that the Biden administration’s policies benefit the country, a viewpoint the White House is desperately trying to change before the 2024 election. Biden even went on tour earlier this summer to several states to discuss the successes of his “Bidenomics” plan. He visited states like South Carolina to speak about how his economic plan would work. Biden remains desperate to convince American voters that the United States economy is doing well under his leadership. Still, many remain skeptical about Biden and the Democratic Party’s ability to prevent economic hardship in the coming years.

Despite President Biden’s claims, the average rural American is paying exponentially more for groceries than just a few years ago under Donald Trump’s presidency. Biden conveniently neglects to mention the rising gas prices and food costs plaguing most Americans when discussing the success of his “Bidenomics” policy and repeatedly claims that the American economy is performing better than it has in years.

Biden’s economic policy will be a key topic during the 2024 debate, as many Republican candidates use public appearances to discuss the shortfalls of Biden’s economic plan and how it negatively impacts the American public. Biden will likely need to justify his economic policy to retain his office in 2024.

Although President Biden claims the economy is recovering and his “Bidenomics” plan is working, many Americans disapprove of his economic policies and how he’s handled the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern United States border. Both areas are highly controversial topics for the Biden campaign, and he avoids answering questions related to them when confronted by reporters. The policies passed by the Biden administration will be at the forefront of next year’s election and will likely influence the presidential race’s outcome.

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