Biden’s Job Approval Ratings are Still Mediocre

( – Joe Biden has been President for just over two years now. In that time, he has seen his job approval numbers slip continuously. As things stand today, Real Clear Politics puts Biden’s job approval rating at 42.9% with his disapproval rating at 52.5%.

When Biden first assumed the office of the presidency, he enjoyed job approval ratings in the low to mid 50s.

Gallup lays out a very comprehensive chart illustrating the highs and lows of Biden’s job approval rating. In early 2021, shortly after he was sworn into office, Biden enjoyed approval ratings as high as 57%.

With the fall of COVID-19 cases in October of 2021, Biden’s approval numbers remained in fairly good shape. A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on October 6-7 found that 48% of Americans approved of Biden’s performance in office.

A lot, however, has happened since Biden’s honeymoon period: the U.S.pulled out of Afghanistan, leaving behind billions of dollars of equipment, American citizens, and Afghani Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) recipients; inflation kicked into full force, taking a serious toll on the American economy; the Southern border remained in crisis, with over 200,000 illegal immigrants crossing over every month; and Russia invaded Ukraine.

All of these factors have adversely affected Biden’s poll numbers. Inflation in particular, though, has been a pivotal issue affecting ordinary Americans. According to a Monmoth poll released in October of 2022, only 30% of Americans approved of the job Biden has done to ameliorate the country’s inflationary woes.

Now, one month into 2023, the trajectory of Biden’s approval numbers remain bleak.

Lee Miringhoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, believes that next week’s State of the Union could serve as a boon to the President’s fledgling poll numbers: “If President Biden is looking for an opportunity to alter a mostly static approval rating, the State of the Union is his next best chance.”

If Biden can avoid squandering this opportunity, he may be in for a higher RCP average.

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