Biden’s ‘Priorities’ – Ukraine’s BILLIONS Over Border Crisis

( – President Joe Biden is asking Congress to spend billions more on military aid to Ukraine than on the ongoing border and drug crises within the United States. Biden requested that Congress provide Ukraine with over $20 billion worth of assistance while asking Congress to approve $4 billion for the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

The United States is facing a historic wave of immigration from South America, with thousands of immigrants crossing into Texas illegally each week. Many politicians believe the ongoing immigration surge to be a national crisis, but President Biden remains silent about the developing problems at the southern border. Biden also remains notably silent about the ongoing drug epidemic plaguing the United States, ignoring the growing problem of fentanyl in his public appearances.

Biden remains one of Ukraine’s most avid allies and continuously provides the foreign nation with billions in aid, despite the stagnant nature of the conflict instigated by Russia. Biden claims that defending Ukraine is an essential duty and that the United States will remain a prominent supporter of Ukraine’s sovereignty despite protests from other nations like Russia, who feel the United States is interfering with foreign affairs for political reasons. While Biden’s aid request reflects the stances of many Democratic Party members, many officials are concerned with the lack of aid provided to the United States to deal with the nation’s growing issues.

Biden’s spending requests draw heavy criticism from his political opponents, such as Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who compared Biden’s aid packages to “shoveling money out the door.” While Biden’s request will likely pass through the Senate with heavy support, the House of Representatives will probably fight the aid package in opposition to Biden’s funding of Ukraine’s defense. Despite this uphill battle, Biden believes his aid request will become law soon.

McCarthy claims the Republican Party is unwilling to provide Ukraine with a “blank check” in the nation’s defense from Russia’s invasion. McCarthy seeks to limit Biden’s uninhibited funding of Ukraine’s national defense, a cause for which the White House has contributed tens of billions of dollars. Biden remains adamant that the United States will support Ukraine in every endeavor, short of providing troops to fight Ukraine’s ongoing war.

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