Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Heavily Funded By Dark Money

Biden's SCOTUS Pick Heavily Funded By Dark Money

( – When President Joe Biden campaigned for the Oval Office, one of his promises was to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court. With Associate Justice Stephen Breyer’s announcement of his retirement at the end of the current term, Biden began looking for his replacement with a self-imposed deadline of the end of February. Now, advocacy groups — coined “dark money” groups — are looking to spend millions to ensure the president keeps his campaign promise.

According to CNBC, these left-wing groups qualify as 501(c)(4) nonprofits, meaning they don’t have to disclose their donors. One of the organizations, Demand Justice, claims “democracy is at stake” and is working toward reforming — aka stacking — the courts by instilling “progressive, diverse” justices to key federal benches. Unnamed sources within the group told CNBC it would spend as much as it needs to push Biden’s eventual nominee through the Senate.

Then, there’s Arabella Advisors, a dark-money group that helped Biden win office in 2020, spending more than a billion dollars along the way. The organization, funded by Eric Kessler, a former Clinton administration official, is an umbrella under which several “grassroots advocacy organizations” fall. Several billionaires, including Bill Gates, Hansjörg Wyss, and Pierre Omidyar, reportedly fund it. Demand Justice conveniently falls under that umbrella.

With these groups behind the scenes, there’s no shortage of money available to help push Biden’s choice through the nomination and confirmation process — and that could spell disaster for the nation’s courts.

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