Biden’s SILENT Strategy – Hush Over Hunter!

( – The co-chairman of President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, Cedric Richmond, confirmed the Biden campaign will not address the ongoing legal issues involving former President Donald Trump or President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Richmond claims that President Biden wants to maintain an independent Justice Department and that his campaign won’t be commenting on the legal controversies of either Trump or Hunter Biden.

While Biden’s camp claims that the refusal to address the legal issues involving his son and Trump is an effort to prevent any influence within the Justice Department, it seems likely that Biden’s avoidance of Hunter Biden’s legal troubles is a tactical decision to avoid negative press attention. Hunter Biden’s ongoing legal battles are the focus of top Republican officials, some of whom claim that President Biden is using his influence as the chief executive to soften legal consequences for his son Hunter. Despite these claims, Biden also claims he won’t address the ongoing criminal cases against Donald Trump, likely due to online criticism accusing the White House of using its federal power to hinder his re-election efforts. Such claims aren’t proven, but Trump repeatedly claims he’s a victim of a political “witch hunt” on behalf of the Biden Administration.

Hunter Biden isn’t just facing criminal charges but is also the subject of an investigation by House Republicans, such as Representative Jim Jordan. These investigations seek to clarify whether President Biden used his influence to soften any legal consequences for his son or if he actively prevented legal agency investigations into his son through Attorney General Merrick Garland. The investigations also seek details regarding Hunter Biden’s ongoing criminal cases and what other illegal actions might be involved. Such claims are unsubstantiated, but one whistleblower from the IRS claims that agents were encouraged to avoid investigating the Biden family by Attorney General Garland on multiple occasions.

Hunter Biden currently faces criminal charges related to a refusal to pay income taxes and an unrelated felony firearm charge. While any criminal consequences remain highly unlikely for President Biden’s son, the case is ongoing, and a definitive outcome is yet to be determined.

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