Biden’s Support in Border Regions is Crumbling

( – Former Texas Republican Rep. Mayra Flores said President Joe Biden’s support among Hispanics living in Texas border regions is crumbling due to the ongoing migrant crisis and the economy.

In an interview with Fox News Digital this week, the Texas Republican, who is running in 2024 to retake the seat she lost in the midterms, said the migrants pouring into border towns are taking their toll on the citizens who live there since the money that should go to communities is being spent on illegal aliens.

Flores asked if New York City Mayor Eric Adams thinks the comparatively small number of migrants are destroying his city and what makes him think small border towns in Texas can withstand the thousands of illegals who cross every day.

The former Republican Rep. said crime in the border towns has increased as criminals take advantage of the open border to cross into the United States.

She said she spoke to a group of about 50 women in Brownsville, Texas, last month who all voted for Biden in 2020 but told her that they would not vote for him again in 2024.

When she asked why they would vote for Biden again, the woman cited the economy and the crisis at the border.

According to Flores, the women, many of whom have been in the United States for decades, said illegals are given what they need while Hispanic Americans struggle to pay for rent, groceries, and gasoline.

Flores told Fox that many Hispanic voters are looking at the economy and the border crisis and “moving every single day toward the Republican Party.”

Additionally, Flores said Hispanics are also moving away from the Democrat Party because their “values” on things like parents’ rights are better reflected in the GOP. She said Hispanic voters in the border region are fearful that their children could be taken away from them if they oppose Democratic policies on things like gender ideology.

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