Biden’s Tone Deaf REVELATION – Is He SERIOUS?!

( – President Joe Biden recently commented on the state of the US-Mexico border whilst on a bicycle ride, stating that it looks “better than expected.” Biden said this just days after the end of Title 42, a policy established during the pandemic that allowed for authorities at the US-Mexico border to turn away a large number of illegal immigrants quickly.

The end of Title 42 re-established criminal penalties for those attempting to cross into the US illegally, which members of the Biden Administration claim is responsible for the supposed drop in illegal immigrant encounters. Biden also confirmed he had no intention of visiting the border, citing a potential visit as being disruptive. 

Since the end of Title 42, the number of daily encounters at the southern US border have supposedly dropped dramatically. Before Title 42 was ended, Border Patrol had around 10 thousand encounters with illegal immigrants per day. Since Title 42 was ended there has been a 50% drop in immigrant encounters, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

According to Homeland Security specialists, the total amount of immigrant encounters over the weekend totaled to around 10,500 migrants across two days, a sizable decrease since Title 42 was still in effect. While the reason for this clear drop in immigrant encounters is questionable, the Biden Administration seems adamant that the decrease in encounters is a result of criminal penalties being reinstated following Title 42’s end.

Among the criminal penalties for crossing into the US illegally is a ban from trying to enter the country for five years. and even a potential prison sentence. Whether or not the decrease in illegal immigration will continue remains to be seen, and some citizens are apprehensive about whether or not the number of illegal immigrants in the country could still increase.

Despite Biden’s claim, many communities along the southern border are straining their resources when dealing with a massive influx of immigrants over the past few weeks. Whether or not this reported decrease in immigrations will continue remains to be seen, but Biden’s refusal to acknowledge the border in person comes as a surprise to no one.

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