Bill Barr Claims Biden Poses Danger to Democracy and Freedom

( – Former Attorney General Bill Barr may have his differences with his former boss, former president Donald Trump, but Barr says he will still support the Republican ticket come the national election in November.

Because the true and greater threat to America’s democracy, according to Barr, is not Trump, but president Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. According to Barr, the Biden administration and the Democrats have been acting like a “heavy-handed bunch of thugs” who are out to “squelch opposition and freedom of speech.”

Speaking in an interview with Fox News, the 73-year-old former attorney general accused Biden and his cohorts of “buying into the progressive movement” and having a “totalitarian temper.”

Barr has long fallen out of grace with Trump, with the former repeatedly insisting that there is no basis or evidence to support his former boss’ claims that Biden cheated to win the 2020 presidential elections. Since resigning before Trump’s tenure ended, he has been a consistent critic of much of Trump’s antics and his continued claims of election fraud.

According to Barr, he agreed and still agrees with much of Trump’s and the Republican’s policies, saying that it was the former president’s behavior that he often found problems with. Trump’s behavior after the 2020 elections in particular, Barr said, he has always found “very troubling.”

Despite everything, Barr said that the “far left” still poses the greatest threat to America, in that the progressive movement is continuing its agenda of pursuing what the former attorney general called a “socialistic system”. And while he said that another Trump presidency could be likened to playing Russian roulette, another four years of Biden in the White House would be akin to “national suicide.”

Barr also shared his thoughts on Trump’s yet-to-be-named pick for vice president, saying that he hopes the former president will choose someone who exhibits “strong conservative” values and has the capacity to serve as president of the United States if the situation calls for it.

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