Bill Gates THROWS in the Towel – Says This CAN’T BE DONE!

Bill Gates Says People Shouldn't Be Forced To Stop Eating Meat

Bill Gates Says People Can’t Be Forced To Stop Eating Meat

( – Bill Gates, a long-term advocate of tackling climate change, has never feared controversy or sinking his teeth into meaty subjects, even if it’s a push for people to eat synthetic meat. Still, he seems to have realized that not everyone is on board with his radical suggestions.

During an interview with Akshat Rathi on Bloomberg’s podcast “Zero,” the Microsoft founder discussed what he believes are the changes the world needs to make to hit net zero. “Net zero” refers to balancing out the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere with the amount removed. When the topic of meat came up, Gates was quick to say, “it’s too difficult” to “tell people to stop eating [it].” He noted the wealthiest countries in the world don’t account for even a third of all emissions, so targeting them won’t stop the crisis.

The statement is interesting because Gates has invested in several synthetic meat companies as an individual and through his organization, Breakthrough Energy Ventures. He even owns quite a bit of rural property, enough to make him the “largest private owner of American farmland.” Some people speculate he plans to test his agricultural innovations, but only he really knows the answer to that question.

In the meantime, Gates is making it clear that despite his interest in synthetic meat, he doesn’t believe pushing people to stop eating the real thing is the answer.

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