Bill Maher Says Republicans Are Right on Critical Race Theory

Bill Maher Says Republicans Are Right on Critical Race Theory

( – There are many political hot buttons these days, but one of the biggest contenders for the top spot lately is Critical Race Theory (CRT). This issue has sparked nationwide debate, and parents across the country are fighting school districts to keep it out of curriculums. Unsurprisingly, they’re being met with scorn by the Leftist woke mob who demand accountability in recognizing how far we’ve come on the issue of racism. One political commentator and talk show host recently shared his opinion on the matter.

On Wednesday, November 17, Bill Maher appeared on Cuomo Prime Time, where host Chris Cuomo immediately asked his opinion on CRT. Maher had a lot to say on the subject. Maher believes Conservatives, and the parents fighting to keep it out of schools, are right.

What Is Critical Race Theory?

CRT espouses the belief American institutions are inherently racist, dividing citizens by an outdated racial caste system that puts people of color on the bottom rungs of society. It’s nothing new; it first surfaced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, it’s recently popped up again with renewed vigor, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Maher’s Opinion

One of Maher’s major debate points is Liberals fail to see the progress America has made over the last several decades since the days of Jim Crow and beyond. Describing himself as an “old-school Liberal,” Maher agrees the end goal is to live in a colorblind society. Yet, forcing CRT in schools and pitting children against each other in groups labeled ‘oppressor’ and ‘oppressed’ creates a lot of confusion for today’s youth. According to him, children in grade school are “probably not old enough or sophisticated enough to understand this very complicated issue with a very complicated history.” And, complicated it is, indeed.

He blames the Progressives, the far Left of the political spectrum, for emphasizing race and failing to acknowledge how far America has come. He’s not against teaching the history of racism in schools, but he feels teaching the idea racism is the “essence” of the US goes too far. The latter point is where he finds a particularly strong agreement with parents who are fighting against the problematic theory.

When Cuomo suggested shying away from teaching CRT might mean “hiding from the truth,” Maher dismissed him outright, saying Cuomo was “virtue signaling,” which creates real problems by ignoring the reality of a situation while simply parroting talking points.

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