Bill Murray Under the Gun After Evidence of Inappropriate Behavior Emerges

( – Many factors go into filming and completing a movie on time. Issues sometimes arise to derail timelines completely. A complaint lodged against actor Bill Murray for inappropriate behavior recently will definitely affect the completion timeline for the movie “Being Mortal.”

On Wednesday, April 20, Searchlight sent a letter to the cast and crew regarding the film, which began filming on March 28. “After reviewing the circumstances, [we’ve] decided that production cannot continue at this time,” it said in part, effectively curbing the movie until Searchlight officials resolve the complaint. The company did not elaborate on the behavior but warranted it serious enough to investigate.

The other actors in the movie, notably Seth Rogan and Aziz Ansari, who is also writing and directing the film, weren’t mentioned in the complaint. This complaint against Murray isn’t his first, either. Several years ago, Lucy Liu accused him of using “inexcusable and unacceptable” language while arguing with her on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.” The actor is also well-known for his feuds on set, which have included physical altercations.

The film originally had a release date in 2023, and it’s unclear whether this halt in production will affect the timeline. It’s also unclear whether the company will replace Murray.

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