Blinken Warns Israel Against Post-War Gaza ‘Occupation’

( – United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed the Hamas-Israel war and issued a warning to Israel regarding the conflict’s resolution. Blinken said the United States would not condone a post-war occupation of Gaza by Israel or the displacement of Gaza’s citizens following the expulsion of Hamas.

Blinken also stated that the United States aims for a “two-state solution” regarding the conflict, establishing Israel and Palestine as two separate entities with neither occupying the other’s territory. Blinken also addressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for Israel to assume control of Gaza until further notice, claiming that before Israel can police Gaza, Israel must provide a transition period to Gazan citizens.

Among the chief concerns of Blinken and the Biden Administration is preventing Hamas from retaking control of Gaza upon the war’s conclusion. Blinken also stated that there can’t be any terrorist groups or threats originating from the West Bank when the conflict ends. According to Blinken, if Israel fails to prevent future militant groups from assuming control in the region, the October 7th attack won’t be the last surprise attack on Israel’s territory.

Although the United States isn’t directly involved in the conflict between Hamas and Israel, Blinken’s statements indicate an active interest in preventing either side from achieving a biased outcome upon a cease-fire agreement. One of the issues identified by Blinken is a potential blockade by Israel once the war ends, a policy the United States does not condone. Israel is currently blockading Gaza to reduce the flow of weapons to Hamas forces, but some United States officials fear the blockade may extend indefinitely without international intervention.

Although the United States is warning Israel against occupying Gaza following the war’s end, Israeli officials are claiming the Israeli Defense Force will establish a “buffer zone” upon Hamas’ expulsion from the region.

Despite Blinken’s comments, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains adamant that Israel will provide security for Gaza for an “indefinite” period of time following the war, despite warnings from Blinken and President Joe Biden. Netanyahu’s statements are concerning to world leaders, as they may indicate Israel intends to occupy Gaza even after Hamas forces are removed from the area.

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