BLM Leader Supports Trump, Saying the Democratic Party Doesn’t Represent Us

( – A leader for Black Lives Matter from Rhode Island supported former president Donald Trump, claiming the Democratic Party doesn’t represent the black community. The BLM leader, Mark Fisher, endorsed Trump during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” and said that the majority of black people support Trump’s 2024 presidential election bid. According to Fisher, the Democratic Party’s policies are detrimental to minorities, and the black community is aware of how President Biden’s policies aren’t helping those in need.

Fisher elaborated on his endorsement of Donald Trump, claiming that Trump receives a lot of hate due to people being misinformed about the former president. Fisher says that more people are learning about Trump’s background and researching the former president’s life, and they are now more understanding of Trump and his family’s legacy. Following his endorsement of Trump, the former president expressed support for Black Lives Matter and Mark Fisher specifically.

In a statement, Trump thanked Fisher for his endorsement and claimed he was “very honored” to receive Fisher’s support and an endorsement from Black Lives Matter. Trump previously described the organization as a hate group but now claims he’s excited to have the group’s support. Despite Fisher’s endorsement of Trump, Black Lives Matter claims Fisher is no longer affiliated with the organization.

Although Fisher is one of the founders and leaders of Black Lives Matter of Rhode Island, a spokesperson for the organization claims that Fisher isn’t involved in the group anymore. According to Black Lives Matter of Rhode Island, Fisher’s endorsement does not reflect the organization’s political views, and the group does not officially endorse Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The group failed to address Fisher’s outspoken criticisms of the Democratic Party in the statement and isn’t endorsing any presidential candidates at this time. Fisher’s comments made national headlines, as he accused the Democratic Party of being a “racist party” that doesn’t value the black vote. Fisher also claims that Trump is receiving more support from minority groups due to his personality, as the former president comes across as genuine to many citizens.

Fisher also claimed that Trump instituted policies that aided the black community during his first term in office and stated that Trump “has done more” for the black community than any other politician in decades.

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