Boeing and Airbus Want Biden to Delay 5G Rollout, Fearing for Safety

Boeing and Airbus Want Biden to Delay 5G Rollout, Fearing for Safety

( – Since the birth of cell phones, companies have continually rolled out new technology to make them faster and more efficient. However, the new C-Band spectrum 5G tech that Verizon and AT&T plan to roll out in January is meeting with pushback from some unlikely sources.

On Monday, December 20, Reuters reported that Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and Airbus Americas CEO Jeffrey Knittel co-authored a letter to the Biden Administration, asking them to delay the rollout. The reason, they say, is the technology could interfere with specific aircraft electronics, particularly altimeters. This interference could result in safety issues with landing, especially in poor visibility conditions, and in some cases lead to more delays or cancellations.

Of particular concern, should the 5G interfere with aircraft, it could put more strain on an already-suffering industry. According to experts, the airlines are trying to predict how the technology would affect air travel and cut them off at the pass.

Both AT&T and Verizon dispute these claims, saying the technology is perfectly safe; the Department of Transportation has not yet responded to the letter.

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