Border Patrol Agents Stop Multiple Human Trafficking Attempts

Border Patrol Agents Stop Multiple Human Trafficking Attempts

Border Patrol Agents Foil Plan to Traffic More Than 500 Migrants

( – It’s been more than a year since President Joe Biden took office and the nation’s southern border crisis shows no signs of slowing down. Making matters worse, the CDC is suspending Title 42 next month, which will likely only exacerbate the situation. In addition to record numbers of migrants crossing the border, authorities are also uncovering human trafficking networks moving large numbers of people, including nine failed attempts from April 17 through 23.

On Saturday, April 23, Chief Patrol Agent Carl Landrum tweeted the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) “prevented nine human smuggling events.”

According to Landrum, the events led to the capture of almost 500 immigrants transported in the back of large trucks amid pallets of goods. One truck, stopped at the Interstate 35 checkpoint, had 120 migrants packed inside in dangerous conditions. According to an official statement, the undocumented immigrants came from Guatemala and Mexico.

Other apprehensions occurred in Laredo, where CBP agents captured more than 2,600 illegals while walking through ranch properties and other encounters. The CBP Laredo Sector Horse Patrol stopped and took these migrants into custody.

With these apprehensions, it’s easy to see the Border Patrol is hard at work despite dealing with the Biden Administration’s failed policies. Unfortunately, increased encounters might be the reality for some time, as some experts project migrant crossings will reach 2.1 million this year alone.

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