Border Patrol Officials Claim Threat By ‘Gotaways’ At Border Keeps Them Up At Night

( – According to several Border Patrol sector chiefs, the large number of immigrants illegally entering the United States is concerning to many Border Patrol staff. During an interview with the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, one sector chief claimed the number of illegal immigrants successfully evading Border Patrol “keeps us up at night.” Another concern for many officials with Border Patrol is the humanitarian effect of the ongoing immigration surge, in which a record number of immigrants cross the southern United States border each day.

Former Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens, who now serves as the Border Patrol’s head, claims that another area of concern for Border Patrol agents is an increase in smugglers. Owens said during an interview that smugglers sneak incredibly dangerous narcotics, such as fentanyl and heroin, into the United States. According to Owens, these smugglers also sneak people into the country through the southern border. Owens said that smugglers often sneak immigrants over the border, with some immigrants having criminal records or prior convictions.

Owens stated that the “got-aways” are impossible to keep up with, as Border Patrol is too concerned with providing aid and relief to other immigrants who don’t sneak into the country. Got-aways are immigrants who avoid Border Patrol agents, whom law enforcement detects by other methods of surveillance. Fox News published a report in December indicating that lawmakers discovered approximately 670,000 get-aways throughout 2023. According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also concerned about the increasing number of get-aways.

The increase in incidents involving get-aways is directly related to Border Patrol agents providing humanitarian aid to immigrants crossing into the United States. According to John Modlin, the Chief Patrol Agent for the Tucson Sector, Border Patrol staff apprehend immigrants before removing them from the heat. The agency also provides immigrants with food and water while working to have them removed from the area as soon as possible.

Owens claims that another reason got-aways concern law enforcement is the likelihood of having something to hide. According to Owens, people who illegally cross into the United States while evading law enforcement are typically involved in some criminal enterprise or have a prior criminal record. Owens said that the unknown nature associated with get-aways makes them a risk, which could include gang affiliation or prior violent crime convictions.

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