Border SHOWDOWN – Senator’s Bold Plan REVEALED!

( – Senator Tim Scott, one of the Republican candidates in the 2024 election, unveiled his plan to solve the ongoing issues at the southern US border during the first Republican debate. Scott proposed cutting one of President Joe Biden’s key initiatives, which would increase funding for the Internal Revenue Service.

Scott proposes cutting the increased budget for the IRS and the plethora of new IRS agents and instead using that funding to secure the US-Mexico border. Biden’s attempt at increasing the budget for the IRS drew heavy criticism from his Republican counterparts when he initially announced the policy. This policy remains an area of weakness for the Biden administration, as officials on both sides of the aisle believe the IRS doesn’t require more funding or officers. Despite the policy’s failure to pass into law, Biden states that increasing the effectiveness and budget of the IRS remains vital to securing America’s future.

Scott isn’t the only Republican hopeful concerned with the US-Mexico border, as every GOP candidate currently identifies the border as one of the nation’s most significant issues. Donald Trump’s campaign released the former president’s proposed new policies to ensure the ongoing immigration wave eases if he is elected. During Trump’s first term as president, he focused heavily on preventing illegal immigration and international crime along the southern United States border. This trend will resume if Trump takes office after next year’s election, as Trump regularly states that the border is integral to national security. Trump’s decision to focus on the southern border drew heavy criticism from mainstream media and political opponents during his first term and will likely be a source of contention for the former president moving forward in his re-election bid.

Although Scott’s campaign lacks the popularity of other GOP candidates like Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump, Scott received an endorsement from John Thune, the second-most powerful Republican serving in the United States Senate. Thune serves as the minority whip within the Senate and holds significant influence over other Republican senators. Thune’s endorsement won’t affect Scott’s campaign too much. Still, it identifies Scott’s support within the Senate and how Scott might have political allies if he secures the GOP nomination after the primary season.

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