BRACE YOURSELF – Biden Admin’s URGENT Warning

( – The Biden Administration recently told Americans they should brace for chaos at the border, following the end of Title 42. Title 42 was a policy that allowed for authorities to turn away illegal immigrants due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, which has since been declared officially over.

The authorities at the border have recently started receiving a record number of illegal immigrants ahead of Title 42’s imminent end, with border agents encountering over 10,000 immigrants daily. The decision to end Title 42 isn’t too surprising, given the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but it does highlight the Biden Administration’s failure in adequately preparing policies to maintain border integrity. 

Joe Biden’s immigration policy has been a constant source of controversy, even drawing criticism from members of Biden’s own Democratic Party. Representative Henry Cuellar has warned of the potential ramifications of Biden’s failure to secure the border, especially with the communities that are directly involved in the ongoing immigration crisis.

The Biden Administration has famously refused to acknowledge the ongoing immigration crisis, as Biden himself has only visited El Paso once during the course of his presidency. While the consequences of failing to secure the border have yet to catch up with Biden, citizens will likely air their frustrations during the upcoming 2024 election, in which it seems Trump might be gaining traction already. Trump has famously declared he’ll secure the border, continuing a policy that he started during his first time in office.

Thankfully the end of Title 42 isn’t the only policy change that affects border integrity, as House Republicans recently passed a bill that would continue construction of the infamous border wall, and impose new stricter asylum restrictions for those seeking to cross into the U.S. While the policy is unlikely to be signed into law, given the Senate majority being Democrats, it is an attempt by the federal government to limit the effect of Title 42’s end.

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