CA Schools Plan to Have Children Eat Lunch in the Rain

CA Schools Plan to Have Children Eat Lunch in the Rain

( – California has implemented some of the most draconian measures since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those restrictions extend to schools; it was one of the first states to institute mask and vaccine mandates for students and staff. But now, one school district is taking things too far.

On Monday, October 18, parents of children attending Patwin Elementary School in Davis, California, received an email that had many outraged. Principal Gay Bourguignon asked for children to come to school with raincoats and warm jackets as they’d be eating outside in inclement weather due to COVID restrictions.

Parents immediately protested, saying it was cruel to force kids to eat outside in the rain, especially given the lack of coverings to shelter them from the weather. Many took to social media to vent, while others directly took the school to task on the request.

To appease parents, Bourguignon then sent out two more emails. One message stated that the kids would eat under a covering, and when possible, children would be “allowed” to eat inside. The other email asked those who wanted their kids to eat indoors to contact the school to make accommodations.

Keeping kids safe is one thing; overreach is an entirely different issue. Unfortunately, it seems California has no plans to let up on school restrictions, despite pushback from parents who say they know what’s best for their children.

What do you think the school should have done in this situation?

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