Car Thief Shot and Killed by Property Owner

( – A homeowner in San Antonio, Texas, shot and killed another man he caught attempting to steal his car.

The San Antonio Police Department responded to a call in the early hours of March 5, after reports of a shooting at the Oxford & Estonia apartment complex located at the 8200 block of Micron Drive.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a man dead from gunshot wounds. The shooter, who fully cooperated with police, said that he was getting ready for work when he saw lights and a person near his vehicle. When confronted, the victim reportedly tried to escape in the car. This was when the homeowner fired at the man, hitting him several times. The victim attempted to flee on foot, but only got a few feet away before expiring.

The shooter and the victim have both not been named and were only identified as men in their fifties and forties, respectively.

The shooter, who has not been charged with regard to the incident, told law enforcement that it was the third time someone had attempted to steal his vehicle. Neighbors also confirmed there was a growing number of crimes and break-ins in the area of late, which in the past was generally peaceful and quiet. Other homeowners reported losing patio furniture, while others had their vehicles stolen, only to be found later on with its wheels and many of its other parts missing. Some also complained that criminals have taken advantage of the broken gate of the apartment complex, which has allowed anyone to enter the property.

Texas has a history of homeowners having a short fuse with criminals on their property – just a few weeks ago, another property owner in Humble, Texas, chased down thieves who he said stole his barbecue grill, shooting and killing one of the alleged robbers.

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