Carnival Cruisers’ Brawl Causes Panic Among Ship Staff

( – If it’s not fights in Waffle House, apparently it’s now brawls on cruise ships. It seems Americans can’t go a single day without losing their minds and throwing fists and chairs at each other in public spaces.

A Carnival Cruise ship became the site of a lady brawl in early June while it was steaming en route to Honduras and Mexico. Ship guest Nick Richardson, took six minutes of video depicting the melee, which featured flying furniture.

At least six women were involved in the fight, which took place in the ship’s dining room. A couple men who tried to break up the dispute don’t seem to have had much success.

It is not clear what may have sparked the brawl.

In the video, the women can be seen throwing chairs and dishes at each other along with fists. The three Carnival security guards could not get the upper hand as the women tore at each other. Other ship staff appeared in the video watching the fight in amazement.

Throughout the video he was capturing, Nick Richardson can be heard offering commentary. A woman approached him and said she had never seen an incident like this, but Richardson sure hard. “Welcome to America. . . this is how it is in America, man.”

Richardson blames the bad behavior on “drunk girls from Tampa.” This is what happens, he said, when intoxicated Florida girls show up at the dining room at 3 a.m. Richardson said he just walked in hoping to get some pizza, but he got a conflagration instead. Rather than try to stop it, Richardson decided to record the fight as it didn’t look like there was any way to prevent the girls from what they “were already set on.”

The fighting women apparently didn’t care who saw them behaving badly as they “just kept going” despite being recorded and watched by passengers and staff alike.

Carnival cared, though. In a later statement, the company confirmed the brawl, and said the women involved in the fight were “fined” and would “not sail on Carnival Cruise Line again.” The women dispersed after the fight, and it is unknown whether any were arrested or charged.

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