Cassidy Believes Biden Needs a Full Neuro Evaluation

( – Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said President Joe Biden needs to release a complete neurological evaluation proving he’s still conscious and capable of holding public office. Cassidy’s claims align with those of other top Republicans, including Donald Trump, who believe President Biden’s mental faculties have declined since he took office in January 2021.

President Biden denies any deterioration in his cognitive capabilities and remains confident that he’s the best presidential candidate in next year’s election. However, Americans don’t share Biden’s confidence, as many voters are concerned with President Biden’s age and the likelihood of him failing to finish a second term if re-elected. This concern is shared by members of the Democratic Party as well, prompting some to consider a potential presidential campaign against President Biden, including Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. While Cassidy’s demand for a mental evaluation isn’t the first time a senator has called for Biden to be transparent about his health with the American public, Biden is extremely unlikely to satisfy the requests, as it seems unlikely he’d be able to pass.

According to an NBC News poll this past summer, an astounding 68% of voters are worried that Biden is mentally unfit to retain his position as the chief executive. Voters might feel concerned about Biden’s mental capabilities for various reasons, including his public episodes where he loses his train of thought or goes off on an unrelated tangent at press events. Biden denies his strange behavior warrants any scrutiny and usually claims he simply has a speech impediment when confronted about his odd speaking patterns. While Biden claims he merely has a stutter, many Americans believe his various episodes indicate a more significant mental capability deterioration.

Despite the apparent concern regarding Biden’s mental health, mainstream media outlets are reluctant to cover his various public episodes. The media famously provided Biden favorable coverage during his initial presidential election in 2020 and remains quick to cover topics unrelated to the Biden administration’s various controversies. While Biden refuses to disclose any information regarding his mental capacity, calls for a neurological evaluation will likely persist until the end of next year’s election season.

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