Cheaters Never Prosper – Biden Caught RED HANDED

( – President Joe Biden recently got caught trying to take credit for one of Donald Trump’s policies, passing off the policy in question as his own in an effort to bolster his diplomatic experience. Biden claimed at the G7 Summit in Hiroshima that he was responsible for forming the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or “Quad” between the US, Australia, India, and Japan. In actuality Trump reformed this alliance back in 2017, after it had been inactive for around ten years following former Australian Prime Minister John Howard leaving office.

The Quad was initially meant to help provide humanitarian relief for the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, but it seems as though this diplomatic association is now concerned with matters of international security. Regardless of the intention behind the Quad, Biden seems keen to credit himself with strengthening the bonds between these four nations, when in fact it was his predecessor. This is hardly surprising, as Biden has consistently taken credit for Trump’s successful policies while pushing blame on Trump when his policies fail to benefit the country. 

One such example of Biden deflecting blame is the failed Afghanistan pullout, which resulted in military equipment worth billions of dollars falling into the hands of the Taliban. Of course, rather than admit his administration failed to adequately plan for the withdrawal, Biden instead claims it’s Trump’s fault that the US leaving Afghanistan was so chaotic. The withdrawal from Afghanistan happened four months after Biden took office, and lasted until he had been in office for seven months. Despite having over half a year to adequately prepare to leave the Middle Eastern country, Biden let the country fall into chaos and simply reflected responsibility onto his political opponent. 

Yet another example of Biden attempting to steal credit for one of Trump’s successes is with the vaccine, a result of the now famous Operation Warp Speed. Trump initiated the program in an effort to spur the end of the ongoing pandemic, but the vaccine wasn’t ready until Biden took office. Biden then quickly claimed the victory as his own, ignoring the months of preparation, research, and organization that was started by his predecessor. This is hardly surprising though, as Biden has consistently failed to produce long term beneficiary policies during his time in office, so it only makes sense he’d claim other victories as his own. 

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