Check Your Pantry for This Recalled Staple

( – A series of international food stores based in California issued a recall for more than 3,000 packages of instant noodles due to the undisclosed presence of peanuts in their ingredients. The FDA issued an allergy alert for consumers about the potential dangers to those who eat the noodles. The FDA announced the recall and claimed that mislabeling was a primary reason for the allergy alert. Without proper labeling, people suffering from a peanut allergy may eat the noodles and suffer severe injuries in return.

The FDA said that the company responsible for the noodles, New India Bazar, recalled 3,600 packs of instant noodles. Among the packs recalled by New India Bazar are 2,400 packages of 280-gram instant noodles and 1,200 packages of 560-gram instant noodles. New India Bazar addressed the mislabeling issue, and the FDA is warning families to check their pantries for Maggi instant noodles.

New India Bazar said the instant noodle packs containing peanuts were in yellow packaging. According to the food distributor, the 280-gram packages feature a December 2023 expiration date, and the larger 560-gram packages expire in January 2024. New India Bazar distributed the mislabeled packages to six different New India Bazar locations, including some in Santa Clara, San Jose, and Dublin. New India Bazar recommends that customers return the instant noodle packages and offers a full refund to anyone who returns the mislabeled food item. The FDA confirmed no illnesses from the Maggi instant noodles have been reported.

The recall from New India Bazar is the latest food recall prompted by mislabeling food packages containing a potentially dangerous allergen. In Michigan, a food distributor recalled approximately 1,800 sandwiches due to the undisclosed presence of sesame in their ingredients. Before the sandwich recall, 14 states experienced a recall of 2,048 trays of chocolate brownies containing peanuts.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology reports that peanut allergy is one of the most prevalent food-related afflictions for children. One study found that over 4.5 million Americans are allergic to peanuts, with 800,000 citizens developing the allergy after reaching adulthood. Peanut allergy can cause extreme symptoms, including throat swelling and, in some cases, fainting. Other potential symptoms include vomiting, cramps, and hives.

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