Chef Gives FREE GIFT To Victims Of Hurricane Ian

Chef Feeding Hurricane Ian Survivors for Free

Chef Feeding Hurricane Ian Survivors for Free

( – Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday, September 28, in Cayo Costa, Florida, as a Category 4 storm. The system left devastation in its wake, particularly for the coastal cities and surrounding areas of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers. Hundreds of thousands found themselves without power and with severe damage to their homes, making cooking food a near impossibility. Yet, one chef is doing his best to ensure residents of the area have a full belly.

Local Chef Dishing Out Meals

In a bid to help Fort Myers citizens who are struggling with accessing provisions amid recovery efforts, Fritz Caraher, a well-known chef and musician in the area for his charitable contributions, is cooking breakfast and dinner. He’s not just serving basic relief food, either.

Caraher is offering full meals, including pork chops, chicken, rice, and vegetables. He doesn’t want to provide simple sandwiches, instead opting for full menus that people in a crisis wouldn’t typically have.

So far, Caraher’s the only person organizing the ready-to-eat food, which the chef is providing out of a distribution center. More than 1,000 people have been coming to him for meals since he set up, and the number only continues to grow.

Donations Needed

While help has been coming through, particularly from restaurants that remain closed for the time being and want to avoid throwing food away, Caraher says the area needs more to feed all those in need. He wants to serve fare all day long but needs donations.

Caraher is also giving away basic necessities such as diapers, shoes, pet food, towels, and baby formula.

Another One Joins the Effort

Caraher isn’t the only celebrity chef looking to help Florida residents. Dashing out the door to help those in need is something for which José Andrés is also well known. He runs World Central Kitchen, an organization dedicated to helping those experiencing crises. The group launched a Climate Disaster Fund, which Amazon founder Jeff Bezos helps fund.

Andrés headed to Florida right after Hurricane Ian struck, providing repasts at three locations: Walmart in Port Charlotte, South Trail Shopping Center, and Cape Coral Landings Publix. The organization also dropped off meals to stranded Sanibel Island and Pine Islands residents via helicopter.

The residents greatly appreciate both Caraher’s and Andrés’ efforts. Resident Keri Hendry, who lined up for plate dinners, told NBC News the actions are “a Godsend.”

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