Child Abusers Caught Flooding Into America Thanks to Biden’s Broken Immigration System

Child Abusers Caught Flooding Into America Through Biden's Broken Immigration System

( – To say President Joe Biden’s immigration policies are a disaster would be quite the understatement. It turns out the consequences are even worse than we thought. This year alone, Customs and Border Protection have caught several child abusers attempting to enter the United States.

On January 9, officers apprehended Erick Omar Lopez Cruz, 43, on a commercial bus. During the verification process, authorities discovered he was wanted for aggravated sexual assault of a child, with a felony warrant in McLennan County, TX.

That’s just one of many instances of predators attempting to cross the border. Just two days prior to Cruz’s arrest, CBP agents took Edgar Antonio Barajas-Granados, 20, into custody. Not only did he have a lengthy criminal record, but he also was a registered sex offender who had continually abused a minor under the age of 14. Authorities had previously deported him, but that didn’t seem to stop the criminal from trying to re-enter the country.

The list goes on.

With millions of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border, it’s impossible for Border Patrol agents to catch them all. This begs the question: How many child abusers and other bad actors have made it into the country that we don’t know about?

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