Child-free Adults Make That Decision Early in Life

Child-free Adults Make That Decision Early in Life

New CHILD Study Shows an Alarming New Trend in America

( – For many people, having children and starting a family is a desire, even if they’re unsure exactly when it will happen. However, more than one-fifth (21.64%) of the population simply don’t want kids. While friends and family members may insist these people will change their minds, a recent study discredits this line of thinking.

Researchers at Michigan State University asked 1,500 adults to complete a State of the State survey. It contained three questions to distinguish whether those polled wanted children and at what stage in life they made that decision. Just under 4% decided against having kids before age 10. Others determined they didn’t want children in their teens and early twenties and stuck to it.

According to a university news release, Jennifer Watling Neal, who co-authored the study, said the results counted only child-free adults to get a more accurate representation. While researchers carried out the survey in Michigan and found 1.7 million residents are child-free, they conjectured that if the pattern they found in the state held up nationwide, it would equate to between 50 and 60 million Americans who harbor the same point of view.

A Pew Research poll carried out in 2021 found an increasing number of adults are making this decision. When non-parents answered whether they were likely or unlikely to have children someday, 23% said not at all likely, while 21% said not too likely. Compared to the same question just three years earlier in 2018, the numbers are up 2% and 5%, respectively.

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