Children’s Hospital Boston Alerts Workers About Harassment Campaign

Children's Hospital Boston Alerts Workers About Harassment Campaign

Children’s Hospital Issues Warning Over Harassment Threats

( – Transgender healthcare for youth has been a hotly debated topic lately. Liberals promote the idea of kids having access to life-changing hormones and surgeries, while Conservatives typically say no child should undergo such radical changes. The issue is so widespread that Boston Children’s Hospital recently came under attack for its Gender Multispecialty Service.

On Tuesday, August 16, the hospital administration released a statement saying harassing phone calls and emails have inundated the facility and its staff. Many of them contained threats for reportedly providing hysterectomies for children under 18. Even the far-right Twitter account LibsofTikTok got in on the action, spreading talking points that fact-checking organizations later debunked as misinformation.

Boston Children’s Hospital disputes accusations it performs hysterectomies on minors and says it adheres to World Professional Association for Transgender Health guidelines, which do not recommend such radical procedures for kids. Its website clearly outlines the criteria, including the fact one must be 18 years old to have the surgery. The patients seeking such treatment must also have a referral from a physician indicating “persistent, well-documented, gender dysphoria,” and a mental health provider must sign off that the person is of sound mind and understanding.

The hospital has condemned the aggressive actions targeting its staff and issued a statement saying it’s working with law enforcement to hold offenders accountable and will do everything in its power to protect all who work there.

Children’s hospitals typically provide services for infants through adulthood, usually around 21 years of age, though some, like the Boston facility, extend care to age 25.

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