China Pays Off Scientist Who Falsely Claimed COVID Developed Naturally

China Pays Off Scientist Who Falsely Claimed COVID Developed Naturally

( – Since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been much debate about the origins of COVID-19. Despite overwhelming evidence the outbreak started in China, the country has pushed several false narratives to shift the blame elsewhere, even onto the United States. Additionally, its constant attempts to conceal vital information and deny access to investigators have raised many suspicions across the globe. However, it seems the communist country is far from done raising eyebrows.

In September, China awarded Malik Peiris their country’s version of the Nobel Prize for his COVID-19 research. According to one of the reviewers, Wang Xiaodong, Peiris was one of those who was “able to quickly identify the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Furthermore, Peiris’ research allegedly pointed to the novel coronavirus as naturally-occurring, rather than a laboratory experiment gone wrong.

The prize money? A whopping $1 million.

This move has led to speculation that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is paying off the scientist. Further lending suspicion to the matter, the Lancet journal’s COVID-19 origins investigation committee, which Pieris was a part of, has since been disbanded. According to the National Pulse, work ceased due to conflicts of interest related to the Wuhan Lab. How ironic.

One has to wonder, is this just another one of CCP’s attempts to continue to push a false narrative about COVID-19?

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