China Taunts Joe Biden Over Ukraine Arms Sales, High Inflation

China Taunts Joe Biden Over Ukraine Arms Sales, High Inflation

( – President Joe Biden and his administration have their hands full with domestic and global matters. At home, record-breaking inflation and rising gas prices have Americans worried. In the East, the administration is focusing on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In the West, officials are watching China to see if President Xi Jinping will use Russia’s escalations as an opportunity to bring Taiwan back under its rule. In the middle of it all, they’re dealing with taunts from none other than the Chinese government.

On Wednesday, March 16, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying took a pot shot at the Biden administration for sending aid to Ukraine amid domestic troubles. Arms manufacturers, she said, are boasting of increasing sales while the American people suffer.

The taunt came after Biden agreed to continue sending more aid to Ukraine to help it resist Russian aggression. On Wednesday, he announced the US would be sending another $800 million in military aid to the country, bringing the total to over $1.35 billion in the last several weeks, including military arms to help Ukraine in its battle.

While China hasn’t backed Russia, it hasn’t denounced Putin’s actions, either. Beijing is essentially sending mixed messages. In fact, officials have peddled claims spread by Russia that the United States has more than two dozen biolabs in Ukraine, a claim the State Department has adamantly denied.

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