Chinese Rocket Debris Is Headed Toward Earth at an Unknown Location

Chinese Rocket Debris Is Headed Toward Earth at an Unknown Location

Chinese Rocket Falling From Sky – Where Will It Land?

( – China has made great strides in its space program in the last decade. It’s launched several rockets, including one last May that caused many to worry about the booster’s reentry into the Earth’s orbit. On Sunday, July 24, China sent another Long March 5B rocket to its Tiangong orbital station, and experts are again concerned about where the booster might land when it does come down.

When rockets launch, they typically shed the first stage in orbit. If it doesn’t burn up as it returns to Earth’s atmosphere, it lands back on the ground. Unfortunately, due to fluctuations caused by solar activity, determining exactly where the 23-ton booster might land is difficult.

Last May, the world faced a similar issue. The US Space Command kept a watchful eye on the 22-ton Long March 5B core as it returned to Earth. It landed in the Indian Ocean, but it caused quite a bit of worry as experts tried to weigh the odds of it landing in a populated area. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson called on the Chinese to reduce the risks to “people and property” back on Earth due to the reentry of objects from space. He also requested increased “transparency” from Chinese officials, saying the communist country’s current standards weren’t up to snuff.

According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, space engineers are actively tracking the latest booster. It’s unclear when they expect it to land — or where.

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