Chinese Secrets Allegedly Compromised After Damning Attack Hits Country

Chinese Secrets Compromised After Damning Attack Hits Country

China Compromised – Biggest Hack in Decades!

( – The potential for exposing sensitive information becomes greater as more people become reliant on technology. Even governments aren’t immune to attacks from bad actors. If reports are true, China may have experienced its most significant breach yet.

The week of June 26, an anonymous user who only identified himself as “ChinaDan” posted on Breach Forums, a hacker board. The user wrote that they managed to obtain sensitive information on one billion citizens from the Chinese government. The user also stated they were willing to sell the data β€” 23 terabytes (TB) worth β€” for the price of 10 bitcoin, which equated to approximately $200,000 at the time of writing.

ChinaDan allegedly collected sensitive information, including the names and addresses, national ID numbers, phone numbers, and criminal/case history of each individual. Although multiple outlets have been unable to authenticate the post, that hasn’t stopped Chinese citizens from taking to various social media sites β€” WeChat and Weibo β€” to express their concerns.

Some suspect Elastic, a software company, may have been the source of the data leak. The developer supposedly included credentials in a blog post, leaving millions of users’ information exposed.

Shanghai government officials have not responded to requests for comment or confirmation, although they blocked the term “#DataLeak” on their sites on Sunday afternoon, and it appears the government is doing its best to censor information about the alleged breach.

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