Churches Burned in Search of Burial Sites – Which Were Never Found

( – In response to a claim that indigenous children were buried on the grounds, protestors have burned down 81 Christian churches in two years across Canada. The horror stories of children being forced into residential schools and being killed and buried in mass graves have been prevalent in the Canadian media, inciting a highly emotional response from radical protest groups.

A group of indigenous people, Minegoziibe Anishinabe, AKA Pine Creek First Nation, claimed there were more than 70 “anomalies” found in the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church in May of 2022 when ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to search the grounds. Over four weeks through the summer of 2023, 14 different excavation sites on the church grounds revealed no human remains. Chief Derek Nepinak of the Indian Nation confirmed to the media that no remains were found and proceeded to recount the atrocities indigenous children faced during the colonization period in Canada.

Professor Jacques Rouillard from the University of Montreal Department of History was consulted about the absence of human remains. Rouillard hesitated to use the word hoax,” claiming it to be too strong, but did acknowledge the “falsehoods” concerning the issues that are not supported by evidence.

Another indigenous Indian nation claims to have located 215 bodies on the grounds of an Indian boarding school in Kamloops, British Columbia, using GPR. The excavations at this site have not yet begun, so the presence of human remains has not yet been confirmed.

In an article for the Dorchester Review in 2022, Rouillard alluded to the dangers of believing these claims without the physical proof provided by excavations. Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has been promoting the unfounded claims, reportedly supporting the radical responses. When the “mass graves” were located using the GPR, Trudeau demanded an apology from Catholic Pope Francis for the unproven atrocities. Pope Francis obliged and apologized in front of a delegate for the Canadian indigenous people.

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