Climate Activist Vandalizes DC Civil War Exhibit Honoring Black Soldiers with Red Paint

( – Climate “activists” were up to their no-good antics again after a member of one group vandalized a memorial honoring a regiment of African Americans who fought in the U.S. Civil War.

A member of Declare Emergency smeared red paint all over a wall located at the West Building gallery of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The area houses the memorial for the Shaw 54th Regiment, which was comprised of black soldiers who were fighting for their freedom. The activist wrote “Honor Them” in red paint, explaining that if President Joe Biden wanted to honor black soldiers who fought in the civil war, he should declare a climate emergency.

The memorial dates back to 1900 and was made by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The exhibit had to be closed temporarily as a result of the incident.

National Gallery spokesperson Anabeth Guthrie told the press that the activist was arrested and said that thankfully, “no works of art were harmed”, adding that museum staff was working around the clock to ensure that the wall was cleaned properly and so that the exhibit could reopen.

The activist said that the government needs to “carry on the work” of black civil war soldiers by putting more effort into fighting climate change. He further reasoned that some of the biggest victims of climate change are “people who look like the soldiers of the Massachusetts 54th.”

The incident adds itself to the long list of disruptive antics often employed by climate activists, who have annoyed, rather than inspired, the public. A poll conducted earlier in the year by The Daily Mail and TIPP showed that three-quarters of voters agreed that perpetrators of such actions should face tough punishments from authorities. In April, two other members of Declare Emergency vandalized the case of a priceless Degas sculpture in Washington, D.C., by smearing paint on it. Activists have also rudely held protests at public events, such as a speaking engagement by Vice President Kamala Harris and another event where U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was speaking.

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