Climate Activists Take Hammers to Multi-Million Dollar Painting

( – Climate activists in London used hammers on a famous painting in a display of protest against upcoming English projects involving oil and natural gas. The activists are members of the infamous Just Stop Oil organization, known for destroying or defacing valuable works of art in public displays against the oil industry.

The latest painting targeted by Just Stop Oil is a Diego Velázquez piece known as “Rokeby Venus,” which resides in a glass display case at the National Gallery in England. Two protestors, one only identified as Hanan and the other as Harrison Donnelly, attempted to break the glass housing the historic painting while yelling at museum customers. The two also claimed that, without intervention, the continued use of natural gas and fossil fuels would result in millions of deaths. During the protest, Hana referenced the women’s suffrage movement of the 20th century, claiming that citizens must take action and prevent the continued use of oil.

Authorities arrested the two protestors following the incident, charging them with criminal damage. According to reports, Hanan and Donnelly used two rescue hammers to damage the painting, causing members of the National Gallery to remove the artwork and examine it. The status of the painting is currently unknown, but another painting is currently in its place until further notice.

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil commented on the incident, condoning the actions of Hanan and Donnelly and claiming that the most crucial detail for most is the damaged glass display case. The spokesperson went on to state that world governments are destroying the globe for the financial enrichment of “criminal oil barons and corporations.” The spokesperson also called for other ordinary citizens to join the protests, despite many online audiences heavily criticizing the organization for the bizarre public protests.

The protest by Donnelly and Hanan is the latest in many widely publicized incidents involving Just Stop Oil, including one that interrupted a showing of the famous play “Les Misérables.” Just Stop Oil claims the protests are appropriate and that the organization will continue advocating for the end of oil use for the foreseeable future.

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